2010 Costume Year in Review and 2011 Costume list

while generally being a sucky year, 2010 was good for me in one way. I got back into costuming. It was also one of my more productive years as well, from a costuming perspective. I finished two costumes that had long been on my To Do list, I have two others nearly finished and I started a fifth that should be finished by the end of the month (at least in terms of sewing).

Completed projects:

Mara Jade: Emperor’s Hand

 JooDee from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Oh I also made a ghetto Greek Goddess costume for Halloween, for which I don’t have a picture.

Semi-completed projects:

Jeane from Suikoden 1

I just need the wig and staff to complete it… and maybe the headband.

Seabreeze: My Little Pony anthropomorphization. (is that even a word?)

Done enough that I wore most of it to Mardi Gras. Still need tail, wings and butt symbols.

Projects with a “Late” start

Ysanne Isard from Star Wars EU

Currently working on this one. I have the pants nearly finished. The tunic is in progress. Still adjusting the pattern. I will hopefully have it cut out and put together by the end of the month. Then I’ll need to track down everything else I need to complete the outfit.

Mara Jade: Arica bodysuit

I began researching this costume and various techniques to make it in the spring. I haven’t worked on it since. But I plan to this year.

So planned projects for 2011 include:

Finishing Isard!

I’m hoping to make this to 501st standards, so I’m trying to get the details right.

“Mardi Gras” Twi’lek: I was inspired last Mardi Gras to make a Twi’lek costume using a lot of the beads that we caught last year. My goal is to have this wearable for Mardi Gras. Depending on the weather, I may wear it out to the parades.

Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess (first manga appearance): Not Bell’s typical goddess outfit, this one is all lovely yellows and oranges. Ah! My Goddess is one of my first and still favorite manga. It’s about time I got around to making a costume from it.

Slave Leia: I made this costume in 1995 right after I graduated high school, but it was quite craptacular and deserves a complete re-do (especially since I threw it all away a few years back). Seems like a good summer project.



Mara Jade: Arica Bodysuit version: This is one of the Mara costumes that I just fell in love with when I first saw it. To be made to 501st standards. Research is ongoing.

Mara Jade: Green Tunic Jedi version: Another Mara costume that I just love. (Oddly, I’m not a big fan of her “classic” costume) Seems fairly simple to do, Research is also ongoing. Hopefully a fall/winter project.

Mara Jade: Classic version: well, it’s the classic version and my husband’s favorite. So I’ll do this one too as I love the character that much. Just not as high up on my list as the others.
Mother Gothel from Tangled: OMG. I completely fell in love with her when I saw the movie. Plus she’s got that awesome curly hair. AND the dress can do double duty as…

Ren Faire Garb: I’ve been saying I’ll do this every year, but it never gets done. Here’s hoping that this will be the year. The plan is to make garb for myself, the hubby and the little dude.

We’re also planning (and have started) piecing together some Steampunk costumes for the family.

I have two workable outfits: one that is ready to wear and the other that needs me to sit down and finish a piece. However, I have no accessories that would make it appropriately “steampunk” at this time. The hubby has the opposite problem: He’s got steampunk accessories, but no clothes, so I’ll be making him a vest soon. The little dude has nothing.

I would also like to make the little dude’s Halloween costume this year, but I have to plan that out first.

Is this list ambitious? Why yes, yes it is. Will I be able to do everything? I really don’t know, we’ll just see how time and money play out. I do know that I need to prioritize a bit more or set goals for things, otherwise they will never get started.

Any thoughts, suggestions or idea? I’m also interested in doing some superhero costuming in the near future, but I can’t decide what character to do. Any thoughts?


First outing

We went to NOLA comic con today and I wore my Mara Jade (Emperor’s hand) costume for the first time. Of course, as much as I tried to remind myself to remember all the pieces that go with it, I forgot the stupid scarf… But overall, I think the costume itself performed pretty well.

Things I will need to change before the next wearing:
Adapt the catsuit so I can actually go to the bathroom without disrobing completely,
cut down the epaulets a bit and/or add a velcro strip for better support,
Remember to take off my damn glasses for pictures… or get contacts.
Get some sort of weaponry prop
Cover boots
Paint the zipper pull to blend in better
Trim down the scarf a bit (it is TOO bunchy at the neck and shoulders)
remember the damn scarf…
Things to change on version 2:
Use a more matte fabric for the underdress
Find a fabric that is a bit more red for the underdress
Adjust the arms on the underdress (the entire armscye needs to be redesigned as I can barely move my arms)
Adjust the arm attachments for the cape (the cape needs to float from the shoulders rather than wrap around the side. Perhaps a shoulder harness with the cape and epaulets attached?)
Get contacts.
Overall, I think this costume design will work out pretty well. There are just a few items that need tweaking.
One cool thing that happened at the convention: One of the Slave Leia’s came up to me and recognized who I was. She was super excited about having another girl Star Wars costumer in the area who is interested in joining the Rebel Legion and the 501st. AND she complimented my workmanship, which is always nice.
Of course, it is ALWAYS nice to nerd it up with my buddy, Hannah. We’ve decide that we’re going to have to take a girl-nerd trip to a convention sometime… D*C maybe?

Mara Jade

Finally. Version 1 of Mara Jade’s By the Emperor’s Hand costume is completed… well mostly. I’m waiting for some glue to dry on the epaulet things and then I have to make sure they will snap to the cape thing. Everything else looks pretty good though. I put it all on together for the first time tonight (minus the epaulets and the wig) and I’m rather pleased with this first attempt. Of course there are things that I now realize I would do differently, or otherwise adjust. If I feel like doing that later or before the next wearing, I will. I have other projects to get started on though. And it doesn’t help that my house is now a complete wreck because I’ve let that slip while working on this costume. I really need some better time management and organizational skills…